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Sixareen flitboat being rowed ashore at Symbister

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Sixareen flitboat being rowed ashore at Symbister
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Sixareen flitboat BREAK OF DAY being rowed ashore at Symbister. She is being rowed by four men. The pump can be seen. (The Break of Day was formerly LK 2822, and fished 1883 to 1886). Fourareens lying moored; (nearest first) Watch Palmer, Falcon, Cormorant. Boat at left unknown. Ashore is Hay & Co.'s white fish station; steeples of fish under tarpaulins on the drying beach, boats in noost, the Tuppick, men splitting fish, coopers' and gutters accomodation, cooperage, kippering kiln, carpenters' shed, fish house, edge of the New Hoose. Fish were landed at the dock and after splitting they were carted to dry on beach. Stored in the fish house. Smacks and sixareens landed ling at the station, in spring and summer. George Couper's herring station at right. The Tuppick was used by fish workers to have tea in. The New Hoose was a wood store, with barrel store above. Note: bell hung on uprights seen at right end of Tuppick, for summoning the beach workers. (Bell was from Danish ship Alba, wrecked Flaeshins of Sandwick, 1884). See also R02725.
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