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Sunrise and shipping at the wharf; Trawlers and auxiliary schooner Frida. The Frida (267 reg. tons) was from Marstal, Denmark. She had arrived at Lerwick on 19 Oct. 1951, having sailed from Finland, bound for Iceland with a cargo of timber. She put in to Lerwick leaking very badly. The motor vessel Sine Boye, also from Marstal (248 reg. tons) arrived light at Lerwick from Faroe on 22 Nov., to load the Frida's cargo. The Sine Boye sailed for Iceland two days after the photo, on 8 Dec. 1951. The trawlers which were in were (positions not discernible on photo); St Just LO 434, Lady Stanley, Loch Ossian, Seddon, Wigan, Foss, River Ness, Manor, Avon View, John Donavon, Jean Stephen, Ben Barvas (all, bar first one, from Aberdeen). Photographer's title was After the Storm. Also see R00623.
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