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Sixareen flit boat
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Sixareen flit boat

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Sixareen flit boat
Sixareen flit boat
Sixareen flit-boat BREAK OF DAY coming in to the Hem Dock, Symbister. The boat in bad weather was attached to a mooring and was hauled along, and manoevered in the dock by sculling. The pier house at left and fourareens moored alongside pier. Cargo was hoisted out of the sixareen and hoisted into the pier house by the winch. Beyond are Hay & Co.'s white fish station and George Couper's herring station: the Tuppick; coopers' and gutters' accomodation; cooperage; kippering kiln; carpenters' shed; fish house; the New Hoose (wood store, with barrel store above); the grøtti hus. Hut in ebb, near grøtti hus, is a toilet. Croft above is the Boat's House. White fish were landed at the dock, split and gutted, then carted to the beach (obscured by pier house) to dry. The dried fish were stored in the fish house. The livers were rendered down to oil in the grøtti hus. It is outwith herring season and Couper's station is closed; note roosing tubs stacked up, near the New Hoose. During the winter the sixareens landed haddocks at Hay's station. The Tuppick was used by fish workers for having tea in. The station bell was housed on uprights seen on end of the Tuppick (bell was from Danish ship Alba, wrecked Flaeshins of Sandwick, 1884). Herring boats landed catch at right Also see O00061.
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