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Papa Stour.
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Papa Stour.

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Papa Stour.
Papa Stour.
View showing crofts, from left; The Ark, the school, Olligarth (derelict house in background, built 1880). Front of Olligarth are two houses surrounded by dyke, Newsetter 1 and 2. Newsetter 1 (furthest) empty since 1954. Newsetter 2 empty since 1926. In foreground below and to right of Newsetter is the Manse, which was shop and Post Office 1962-1970. Directly behind Newsetter is the Wilmans (roofless). Behind the Wilmans is the Fort (roofless), last occupied in 1918.
Behind the Fort and slightly to the left is the Shall Haa o' Evrigarth, last occupied in 1954. To the right of the Shall Haa is a derelict house (hardly visible), Upper Biggins 1. Beyond Upper Biggins 1 is Hurdiback 1, which was shop and Post Office 1934-1963, and from 1970 onwards. Behind and to right is Hurdiback 2, last occupied 1970. To right is the Skaap, last occupied 1951. To the right is Upper Biggins 2 (roofless). To the right and behind Upper Biggins 2 is the Haa o' Gardie, built c.1770. In foreground below the Haa is Bragaster 1. White house to the right of Haa o' Gardie, at head of the voe, is the Nort Banks; below this is a house surrounded by a dyke, Biggins 1. To the right of Biggins 1 are two roofless houses, (from left) Biggins 2 and 3. Biggins 2 was last occupied 1898, Biggins 3 last occupied 1918. To the right and below the Biggins is Kirkhouse, last occupied in 1919. Above Kirkhouse is Biggins 4 (left) and Biggins 5. Biggins 4 was last occupied 1943. Biggins 5 was last occupied 1972. In the foreground below the Biggins is Bragaster 2 and, to the right, Bragaster 3 (only one gable end in photo). Ark was home to Gideon Scott, J.P. and General Merchants,(died 1955). The croft was vacated by his brother Peter in 1981. School was built 1880, and occupied by Duncan Robertson, Walls, (died 1914 at 68). The Drummond family lived there 1912-42, as did a series of teachers for a few years each. Manse was improved for William Robertson in 1911. The Rev. T. G. Reed lived there 1914-34. J. Rankin 1934-41; J. Isbister 1948-60. Myra and Mackie Jamieson had a P.O. here 1962-70. Bragaster 1 built by William Jamieson c. 1880. The last of the family, Catherine Jamieson, left here in 1944 to live with here niece in Lerwick. Bragaster 2; John Fraser, wife Helen and young family emigrated to New Zealand c. 1875. Bragaster 3; Georgeson family, George recorded in 1841 - his great-grandson William left in 1963 for Bigton. Newsetter 1; home of Peter Johnson; his son-in-law James Watt left here in 1954 for Lerwick. Newsetter 2; George Fraser left here in 1926 to live in Lerwick. Olligarth; widow, Barbara Johnson and daughter Barbara moved to Voe about WW1. Wilmans; widow Isobel Fraser left here 1924, for Lerwick. Shall Haa last occuped by John Georgeson, shoe mender, (died 1954). The Fort last occupied by Ann Foubister, (died 1918). Upper Biggins 1 built by Magnus Fraser c. 1865; his grandson left here in 1963 with wife and 3 children. Upper Biggins 2 abandoned 1921 by Georgina Fraser, repaired in 1949 for James Fraser (died 1986). Hurdiback 1 built by Capt. Andrew Anderson, lost at sea c.1838. Occupied by Scotts till 1902, then Wm. Johnson, (died 1955). His son left 1963. Occupied by Lizzie Jamieson and husband Billy Tulloch. They took P.O. and shop back to Hurdiback from Manse in 1970. He was drowned 1981, and she left Papa 1984. Hurdiback 2 last occupied 1970 by Robina Johnson. Skaap was last occupied by Nannie Foubister (died 1951). Haa was built by Giffords of Busta for their tacksman William Henderson c. 1770. Left in 1970 by Jessie Henderson (a descendant) and husband John Georgeson, moving to Scalloway. Now abandoned. Haa was lowered in 1912 due to structural deterioration; it was formerly three rooms long. North Banks' last Papa family was the Sinclairs; Joannie and his two sisters left in 1963 for Scalloway. Biggins 1 had a Williamson, first recorded in 1841. James Williamson died 1916; his daughter Willa married Thomas Georgeson; they left for Lerwick in 1940. Presently (1992) occupied by John Scott of Papa and family. The house was formerly called NordaFl/or. Biggins 2 - last occupied by James Georgeson, moved to Huxter, Sandness in 1898. Biggins 3 - last occupied by widow, Mary Umphray (m.s. Georgeson), died 1918. Biggins 4 - last occupied by William Fraser, (died 1943). Biggins 5 - last occupied by William and Katie Drummond, who left Papa 1972, for Scalloway. Kirkhouse - last occupied by George Fraser (Geordie Peterson's grandfather) in 1919, when he moved to East Biggins, where he died 1937. G.P.'s mother born here in 1901. ***Information from George Peterson, Bragaster, 1992***
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