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Vidlin School group
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Vidlin School group

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Vidlin School group
Vidlin School group
Vidlin school group.
Back Row L-R - Mr White: William Sutherland: William Hughson: John Shuardson: William John Georgeson: Hugh Sutherland: Arthur Pearson: Alexander Thomason: Peter Georgeson: Mary Smith: Ellen Sutherland: Jemima Rendall: 13. Inga Georgeson: 14. Mary Gilbertson: Marion Rendall: Christina Irvine: Ann Laurenson: Katie Ann Grains: Margaret Georgeson:
Second Row from Back L-R - Bertie Herculeson: Peter Sutherland: Gilbert Hughson: William Jamieson: John Williamson: Robert John Robertson:
Third Row from Back L-R - Mary Hughson, Ruby Georgeson: Maria Grains: Lena Pearson: Pearl Georgeson: Elizabeth Ann Robertson; Elsie Herculeson: Ann Christie: Ruby Ellen Leask: Robina Gilbertson; Isa Georgeson; Margaret Georgeson: Marion Grace Peterson: Winnie Pearson; Daisy Pearson; Laura Leask: Janet Sutherland: Betty Leask, Elizabeth McWhirter:
Fourth Row from back L-R - Alex Shuardson, John Hughson, Thomas Thomason, John Pearson, John Leask.
Front Row L-R - Bertha Johann Pearson, Jessie Williamson, Laura Sutherland, Ina Sutherland, John Hughson, Laxo, James Grains, Alex Pearson, Hugh Grains, Laurence Robertson
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