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Interior of but end, with woman spinning
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Interior of but end, with woman spinning

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Interior of but end, with woman spinning
Interior of but end, with woman spinning
1905 - 1910
Interior of but end of Mousawater; Mary Fraser spinning by fireside. Excellent depiction of house with a central fire. The hearth is set against a large baksten, and behind this is the tinni (wooden partition) between but and ben. Links hang down with kettle suspended from crook. The handle of the skyle can be seen to left of the bar holding the links. The skyle was used to prevent the wind
flanning down the ljora (chimney-opening). Clothes-iron, teapot and tongs lie by the fireside. Crockery is sitting on the table at left, beside this is a chair with nailed-on reinforcement repairs. The wall behind is papered with newspaper. Hanging from a crook is a paraffin lamp. At Mary's right can be seen mugs, bowl, spectacles, tray, bottle. In the corner is the dish rack, containing crockery, and with paper placed over the top to prevent dirt falling in. On the partition are calendars for Peter Georgeson and Inkster & Co., both Walls. At right of the fire is a panelled armchair with cushion, and a resting chair with pile of clothes and a kist at the other end. Sweerie hanging from the wall above.
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