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Boats in noosts
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Boats in noosts

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Boats in noosts
Boats in noosts
c 1905
Boats in their noosts at Firth. Respectively, they are: boatie hoose with old sixareen as roof, a whilly, haddock boat BROTHERS PRIDE 778 LK (Giltik), fourareen (Upper Skolla), fourareen (Newhouse), fourareen (Tiptigirts). Note the whilly has a notch in the stern to enable it to be sculled. The BROTHERS PRIDE was one of the boats to survive the Delting disaster, 21 December, 1900, in which four boats and 22 men were lost. This boat was saved by the crew beaching her at Bunnidale, Lunnasting. Her crew was; Sandy Clark skipper (Giltik), Robbie Clark (Giltik), Joannie Clark (Giltik), Tammie Laurenson (Swinister), Charlie Manson (Upper Skolla). The Brothers Pride was full-built, and had the reputation of being a very safe boat in bad weather. Sandy Clark could drive her hard, and on one occasion, whilst off the south end of Samphrey, the boat sprang a board. Besides wood, long stones are used as shoards, traditionally preferred because the more the boat moved, the tighter the shoards gripped. Note that the Brothers Pride has eight kebs. The lines were baited in building (not visible on photo) behind the boatie-hoose. The Brothers Pride was disused in 1920's, and having been damaged by a gale she was broken up in the noust in 1930's.
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