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Fishing Station, Ayre of Spiggie
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Fishing Station, Ayre of Spiggie

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Fishing Station, Ayre of Spiggie
Fishing Station, Ayre of Spiggie
31st July, 1905
Ayre at Spiggie, yoals drawn up. Wooden bød at left, known as the Red bød, which was used for storing steamer's cargo etc. Other bød was used for sails and other boat's gear, and fish; liver kettle is at the gable. Also note: the stone bød is that which emigrants waited in with belongings, before leaving. Note pile of shingle, probably from Colsay, maybe for the building of the Spiggie bridge. At right are salting vats with lids on to keep rain out, washing tub upturned with stone on top, barrels. Landing stage in foreground, for bringing boats alongside to unload. The station here belonged to R. & T. Henderson.
  • Dunrossness
  • Manson, J